Save Our Suburb!

Homeless are Being Bused to Arden & Carmichael

Worst Possible Location

The City of Sacramento is busing Downtown Homeless and abandoning them within feet of the children Receiving Home on Auburn Avenue.

The Children's Receiving Home is a refuge for abused children - providing a safe haven from drugs, alcohol, and mental illness. Most have suffered from physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. They are in desperate need for stability, love, and safety.

To confuse the public, the City has renamed the Homeless Center three times - each time euphemistically. First it was called a "respite center". Next, it changed to a "cooling and warming center". And, most recently, the City has renamed it as an "engagement center".

Homeless Kicked Out - Every 24 Hours

The Homeless Center is not a 24-hour facility. Instead, it will be open for only stretches of 22 hours. This is by design. Every day, the Center will temporality close and all the homeless, that were bused here, will be forced outside. Where do they go? Some may wait for the Center to reopen, but not all. Many will wander into our neighborhoods or into Del Paso Park. Not all the homeless will return to the site.

The next day, like clockwork, the City will bus new homeless to the Center to fill the (now empty) beds.  This way, the City can select their most "problem" homeless and bus them here. Their problem becomes our problem.

The City's policy, of cruelly abandoning homeless in the County, harms not only at-risk children, the environment, and families, but also, the homeless themselves. There are real solutions; this is not one of them.

The Politicians Responsible

On July 26, 2022, the Sacramento City Council approved the new Homeless Center.

Nearly a dozen people called in to the City Council Meeting with desperate pleas and warnings. These included parents, business owners, environmentalists, child advocates and homeless advocates. They were all ignored. In fact, not a single plea or comment was responded to - or even acknowledged - by City Council.

Click here to hear the public's pleas...

These are the politicians who orchestrated, and voted, to create a homeless relocation center next to at-risk children. Kevin McCarty (State Assembly) aided City Councilmembers Darrell Steinberg, Eric Guerra, and Angelique Ashby. Remember them when you vote.





In less than a week after the Homeless Center opened, crime and homeless has spiked in Arden & Carmichael. Del Paso Park, has seen an influx of homeless camps and environmental damage. The warnings and pleas from the July 26, 2022 City Hall Meeting have come true. The following pictures were taken on October 4th, 2022 in Del Paso Regional Park.


As the result of Kevin McCarty's, Angelique Ashby's, Darrell Steinberg's and Eric Guerra's actions, the children and families of Arden & Carmichael are in danger. Please read our Safety Guide and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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